Friday, June 10, 2011

Sikkim Chief Minister Pawan Chamling Tour on Day 12 reaches West Sikkim

Gangtok, June 9: The Sikkim Chief Minister Pawan Chamling’s 40 days village to village tour after a break of five days resumed from the West District. On the 12th day the entourage visited Yuksom Tashiding constituency, the people of three GPU at Yangtam village falling under Dhupi Dara- Nar khola GPU which is learnt to be the most backward village in west district close to Phamtam of South District had gathered to place their demands in front of the Government. Speaking with Media one Mr. Dhan Bahadur Gurung 75 yrs a local resident of the village stated that the CM is visiting yang tam village for the first time and added that it is a very good sign for us because every possible
requirement necessary for the development of the area will be viewed by the CM and according will be granted. Furthermore Mr. Gurung informed that the basic necessity of the area being faced is road connectivity, water supply, secondary school, PHC at the most as for the treatment of the patient of the area we have to carry the patient literally to Rabong or Tashiding the nearest PHC which acquires not less then 3-5 hours. Whereas the Panchayat Secretary Mr. Bhim Bahadur Mangar of Dhupi Dara –Nar khola GPU informed that the demands put forward to the CM today concerning the over development of all three near by GPU like Karzi Labdang GPU, Karzi Mangdang GPU and Dhupi Dara Nar khola GPU are the renovation, back cutting and carpeting of roads, restart of Relichu Power Project with a capacity of 12mega watt which has been closed since 2008 half way with no production, eco tourism at Narsingh village, tourism at Lharinimphu cave the oldest of all caves in the state along with construction of suspension bridge and RCC bridge as required to connect the near by areas with the village.
Furthermore Mr. Mangar added that the people of all the GPU concerned are really happy that the CM began his tour of West from Yangtam village and stated further that the expectation of people of all the three GPU are very high that the demand put forward will definitely be granted to 100% looking at the hardship being faced by the people. The CM in his address informed that the SDF Government has been elected to power for the fourth consecutive term by the people for the development of state, for its polices which are pro poor, benefiting the grass root at the most. Informing further CM added that the earlier governance in Sikkim from the time of Chogyal till Mr. NB Bhandari only the rich, the major towns were developed leaving the poor or the village with no development or benefits, facilities but soon from the inception of SDF Government in 1994 the over all development of state inclusive of the village, poor people started as the SDF Party is the party of poor. Adding more CM mentioned that the main objective of the visit or tour is to know, realize the ground reality existing across the state and to make the people more aware about the policies being run by the government considering the development of state as a whole and to make the people aware upon the political rights and duties. Furthermore CM stated that ‘we want to make our citizens able, skilled, full of capacity in every walks of life as with every developing steps comes the competition too”. CM during the address even informed the gathering that Sikkim will be kutchha house Free State by 2013 and more than 6000 houses will be constructed this year who do not possess house whereas the repairing works of houses, toilets in the state will also be practiced in the 2nd phase too. The land less individual possessing Sikkim subject will be allocated with a land where a house will also be constructed and directed the concerned officials of the Department, MLA, District Collector to identify such individual and simultaneously even look for land to be acquired for distribution to the land less and urged the officials to be very serious in implementing the policy added CM. CM adding more urged the people not to be dependent rather to be competitive and independent in sustaining their economy and added that the area must adopt any sustainable means of income where the government will so support as possible. Furthermore speaking on the topic of ‘Change’ CM stated that changes is necessary in sikkim but not in politics but in the thinking process, strengthening of ones economy, change in profession for sustainable development in future along with collective responsibility for the over all development of state. Adding more CM said that during the earlier government this area was ‘kalapani’ were no development works were carried out but at present since the formation of SDF Government every necessary development is being focused and today the area is developed to a modern village. “Our government, party workers, employees must not misguide, mislead the innocent people in the wrong direction rather support them for sustainable development added CM. In regards to all the demands put forward CM said that 100% demand, grievances presented before us by the citizens of the area will be granted and the road connectivity connecting Labdang- Phamtam will be accorded the highest priority. Whereas in regards to the Relichu hydro power project where the work is halted CM informed that due to some officials behavior and wrong doing the project is not in progress and for the same CM even apologized being the highest authority of the government but assured the people that within 3months from now the project will be fully functional. Furthermore CM urged the people not to be misled or misguided by any individual as those individual are trying to hamper their development and progress carried out by the ruling government. Like wise CM in his address to the students stated that every facility is being provided by the government for the students who want to study and urged that any student who wants to pursue higher education all possible help will be given by the government too. Adding more CM informed that by 2015 every citizens in state will be totally literate and if all are literate then competition will increase and urged that the government employment during that period will be very limited which will be availed by the candidates in merit but the remaining educated youths must not loose hope rather start a business for which the government will support in every means Whereas CM at Labdang addressing the public informed that the government has acquired a land measuring 16.68 acres where a tourism project consisting of Community center, cultural center, park, garden, model house, Primary Health Center, panchayat ghar, view ;point and religious place apart from other addition in future. Adding more CM appealed the local people of Labdeng to gear up in flourishing the eco Tourism in their village along with urged them to start fishery as the main occupation and directed the concerned department to support in every possible way to make the project a huge success.


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