Friday, June 03, 2011

Sikkim Chief Minister Pawan Chamling apologises for delay in road project

RABONGLA, 03 June:Sikkim Chief Minister Pawan Chamling apologised to the residents of Labdang-Karzee, among the most remote villages in Sikkim, on their continuing wait for a link road to Phamtam where the CM made his first pit-stop on Day-9 of his village-to-village tour of Sikkim. Appropriately for the moment, a banner put up by the panchayats and residents of Sada-Phamtam GPU welcomed and thanked the CM for having made time to visit their “extremely remote village”.
The CM mentioned that a 28 KM road was sanctioned by him immediately upon getting elected the Chief Minister for the first time in 1994, eighteen years back. On his first visit to Phamtam, over a bone-jarring ride from Rabongla today, he found that Labdang-Karzee has still not received the project nearly two decades since it was sanctioned.

“Being the Chief Minister, I take responsibility for this inexcusable delay and express my regrets to the people of the area for having to face connectivity problems which would have been alleviated if the road had been made,” he said.
Visibly upset by the failure of the concerned officials and departments, the Chief Minister directed that the pending work be taken up on priority and his office be updated on a regular basis about progress on it. He also directed that the reasons behind this delay be investigated and accountability be fixed, specifying that if a contractor was to blame, then blacklisting from future works be considered.
The Chief Minister was addressing people of Phamtam, Sada and other neighbouring areas at Phamtam JHS premises under Borong-Phamtham GPU of Barfung constituency.
On other demands raised by the Phamtam residents for a link road, treatment of a notorious landslide, drinking water supply and others, he directed the concerned departments that all the demands were genuine and all should be taken up on priority basis and survey and other initial works taken up immediately.
On the demands placed by the people of Sada for repair of drinking water supply lines, link road, new school building and others, the Chief Minister passed similar directions for immediate follow-up.
Explaining his tour to the people, he said that he was bringing the government to the remotest pockets of the State. Pointing out to his entourage of Ministers and Heads of Departments, he informed that all announcements made during the tour should be considered Cabinet decisions which should ensure immediate follow-up.
He also shared that the government plans to transform Sikkim into an Eco-City State by reaching all required infrastructure and other facilities to all pockets of the State and called on the people to come forward and support this dream.
On his next halt, the Chief Minister interacted with the people of Borong and its surrounding villages at Borong Monastery premises in Upper Borong under Borong-Phamtam GPU, where he also offered prayers in the monastery.
At this venue, he focussed on the youth and urged them to develop positive, constructive and self-reliant mindsets by taking the facilities and opportunities now available to them.
On his third halt of the day, the Chief Minister visited the Chucchey Dhunga spot in Namling under Barfung constituency, where the local people want a view point to be developed and promoted for tourism.


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