Thursday, June 23, 2011

Sikkim Centre for Computer and Communication Technology in Mess

CCCT,Chisopani,South Sikkim

Jorethang : 22nd June: The Centre for Computers and Communication Technology (CCCT) is one of the major initiatives taken by the Government of Sikkim for the development of technical education in the state. The polytechnic institute was set up under the World Bank assisted "Third Technician Education Project" of Ministry of Human Resource and Development Department (MHRD), Government of India. Centre for Computers and Communication Technology is situated at Chisopani around 5 kilometers away from Jorethang Bazaar, South Sikkim. The Institute was inaugurated by Chief Minister Pawan Chamling in the year 2007 but the said institute was handedover in 2006 to Sikkim Government. At present all the buildings have developed cracks and there are naked wire every where in the building leaving the entire switch board open and non functional. There are around 358 students studying in the said institute and the institute is running with 58 staff members. All the room walls have developed cracks and till date no repairing works have been carried out. At present the situation is so worse that the students are facing numerous problems in the institute but the management is maintaining silence and are not serious on the student’s problems. Speaking to the
media students of the institute said that they are not getting a proper mess facility but are paying Rs.2100/ to institute for mess and regarding the mess they have complained to concerned department a number of times but till date no initiative from the management is taken, the situation is such that if any student is delayed by even five minutes then they are not provided with dinner, lunch or breakfast.
The students further informed that they were paying Rs.1100 per month till last year for the mess facility but since this year without any information, intimation the management increased the mess charge and now they are paying Rs.2100/ even though they are unable to avail proper mess facility as per the menu. Due to carelessness, rigidity of the management, students is facing food, water and other problems in the institute. Furthermore the students informed that they have been facing water crisis since 2008 but till date no demands of the students have been fulfilled by the management of the institute.
At present the students are fetching water from the water tanks which provides water to the institute and that too for three students only one bucket of water is provided and the situation is so much so worse in regards to water supply that two students eat food in one plate as the institute is facing an acute water crisis. The students of the institute are paying Rs1500/ per room and three students have to share one room but the rooms do not have chairs, tables due to which the students have to study sitting on bed. Concerning the complains of the students when interacted with the Principal of the institute Mr. RGK Nair informed that they have already informed the concerned department regarding the problems of the students and the institute at the same time. Mr. Nair further mentioned that they have even informed the chief Minister Pawan Chamling regarding the crisis of drinking water few days back and Chief Minister has given positive assurance in regards to solving the water crisis. Mr. Nair adding more in regards to the existing mess problems stated that they have already tendered the notice for mess contract but yet no one has applied and added that no contractors are ready to provide the quality foods as per institute menu concerning the hike in food on regular intervals. Where as in regards to the cracks developed in the building Mr. Nair informed that they have already informed the concerned department and till date repairing works have been carried out twice along with the painting of the institute building and added that management is working towards solving every problems of the students as soon as possible.

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