Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Pawan Chamling advocates Alternative Professions for Sikkim Youths

Gangtok: The day 16 of the village to village tour of the Chief Minister Dr. Pwan Chamling started from Bara Samdung at Government JHS, Samdung, where he was felicitated by the public and the panchayat.

Thanking for the felicitation Chief Minister said that the civil society of Sikkim does not have the habit of appreciating the good deeds of the government, nor do they criticize on the policies of the government. The public of the state have the mentality of being indifferent. Proper justification and positive criticism will help the government in shaping the society as the government will get to know whether it is going in the right direction or not. Further, appreciation of the good policies of the government by the civil society will encourage doing more. This will give right direction, he said.
Addressing the youths Dr. Chamling gave the example of Economist Adam Smith, the father of cooperative movement who, he said, learned from his mistakes and failures and ultimately succeeded in giving the cooperative movement to the world. Failure is the pillar of success.
Referring to alternative profession where the youths might initially fail while adopting it Chief Minister said, “We have to adopt alternative profession of eco-tourism and this is a new field which we are trying to adopt and there are chances of failure”. He asked the youths not to get disheartened by failure and said life is full of exam and people who learn from failure succeed in life. Hospitality and hotel industry is our priority and educated youths should come forward to adopt it. The government will help the youths in this field, he added.
In this context Chief Minister said, “The white colour job has been saturated and this is a reality which has to be accepted. If you accept the reality half of the problem will be solved because then you tend to think about alternative profession”.
Referring to the various demands placed by the people Chief Minister said that after fourty days the demands will be compiled, studied and a comprehensive report for the development of the state will be prepared. The panchayats will get the status of their demands after the tour will be completed. At Soreng Chief Minister inaugurated the double storied Model Police Station constructed at a cost of 58.95 lakhs.
During the day long tour Chief Minister addressed the public at Samdung JHS, Dethang-Gairigoan, K.B. Limboo Sec. School, Sreebadam and Soreng Bazar.
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