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Mrigatrishna - 21st film of Tulsi Ghimire

Director, Editor, Scripter and Lyricist of “Mriga Trishna” (Nepali film), Mr. Tulsi Ghimiray who is in the capital for the shoot of his upcoming film. “A simple life and solution has become an illusion” is the theme of his film. Mr. Tulsi Ghimiray is back again in Sikkim along with his team after 2 years. While speaking to media Mr Ghimiray shared that he was brought up in Kalimpong Sindibong Busty), and having an optimistic thoughts, simple living high thinking, a good learner and a struggler in the film industry he was able to reach this place and he also added that he feels very happy when he gets chance

to shoot his film here in the state. Speaking about the film “Mriga Trishna”, director Mr. Tulsi Ghimiray said
that, total of 20 Nepali films which  has been successfully completed in my life and this is my 21st film. Yesterday was the first shoot of “Mriga Trishna” which was done at Epica Garden, Ranipool, and today we went for a shooting in Mayfair and Smile land. Altogether there are 4 songs in this film. “If I can shoot the film in schedule then I guess 22-25 days will be enough for the completion of the entire shooting” said the director. He said that, we are just behind the schedule for 7 days; he further informed that they will shoot here in the capital for a few days then  14-15 days in Namchi and for the rest of the shoot they are still searching for the location. The total budget of the film is about Rs.32-35 Lakhs. Mrs. Gyatri Bhutia is the producer of this Film.  This film is produced under the banner Sai Gyatri Films. Sharing some lighter moments with Sikkim Mail, he added that he first visited Sikkim when he a simple employee in Central Water and Power Commission during 1973. As the time passes on by, he joined the film industry in Mumbai as an apprehensive editor of film in 1974. After proving himself a perfect director in film industry from Mumbai, he started making a documentary films, Cordovan films, and even made a documentary film Aadikavi Bhanu Bhakta in Sikkim where during that time he had come to Sikkim along with the team of Lahurey film in 1987. After that, his film shoot in Sikkim was in 2009 “Desh” and “Swarga Ki Pari” . “Basuri” was his 1st movie shot  in Kalimpong during 1981. When the question asked about the local potential on the film line, Mr. Ghimiray said that, as far I have seen, people from here have a great potential but all they need is devotion and dedication where they need to study the film line. This could be a good platform for the film industry. On the same hand, he also added that, yes there are some good local director here in Sikkim, some like Mr. Prashant Rasaily and  Mr. Ugen Chopel who have proved themselves in the field. When asked as to what is the difference between  “Lahurey” and “Mriga Trishna”, he said that, Lahurey was all based on patriotism film whereas the new one is a romantic film. 

 “If we want to keep the documents and film of arts and culture, I guess this would be the best to preserve and glorify, where the Sikkim can be a good platform because the Chief Minister, Dr. Pawan Chamling is much interested in establishing the Nepali film in Sikkim, and we need to help and come forward to take the opportunity”, said the director.Wife Bharati Ghimirey who has come along with him as his Chief Assistant, two daughter one studying in Katmandu University (fine  arts) and another one who have just completed her 10th  standard.  Mr. Karma Shakya is the male lead and Ms.

Nandita KC the female lead of this film, both the actors are from Kathmandu.

The turning point came in 1981 when Tulsi Ghimire, the son of an Indian Army soldier in Kalimpong’s Sindibong basti, left Mumbai to start work in Kathmandu.

Ghimire, who began his career as a makeup boy with ‘Khuda Kasam’ director Lekh Tandon’s unit in Bollywood, left the Hindi film industry after 20 years when his guru told him to discharge his debt by making films in his mother tongue – Nepali.

After the 1981 Nepali film ‘Bansuri’, Ghimire became one of the best-known directors in Nepal, coming up with hits like ‘Balidan’, ‘Kusume Rumal’ and ‘Darpan Chhaya’, considered one of the most successful Nepali films ever, running for 51 days in nine cinemas.

Next Friday, ending a lull of two years when he worked on various scripts, Ghimire, now 60, returns to the Nepali silver screen with his new film ‘Desh’.

After a string of romantic films, ‘Desh’ responds to the sweeping political changes in Nepal – which from a Hindu kingdom became a secular republic – by focusing on politics, people’s perception of politics and the prevailing environment of uncertainty and lack of direction.

‘It feels great to come back,’ says Ghimire, who will start shooting on his 21st film - ‘Mrigatrishna’, revolving round unemployment, – after the Dussehra celebrations are over in October.

In a happy coincidence, three of the actors who were given their first break by Ghimire are also returning to the Nepali film industry at the same time.

In 2001, an aspiring actor from Sikkim, Uttam Pradhan, was cast as the debutant hero in Ghimire’s new film ‘Darpan Chhaya’. While the film was a runaway success, Pradhan bagged the award for the best male newcomer with his convincing portrayal of a blind college student.

However, after acting as the male lead in over a dozen Nepali films, Pradhan decided to pack up and return to Sikkim about four years ago.

Now he is back again with his new film ‘Timro Mayama’ that was released Sep 24 which, coincidentally, is also a college romance.

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