Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Kunga Gyatso Bhutia's Dream of Complacency

GANGTOK, 15 June: “Dream of Complacency,” the fourth anthology of poems by Kunga Gyatso Bhutia has arrived in bookstores here. A retired government servant, Mr. Bhutia wields a prolific pen and his present collection packs in 79 poems divided into three sections – “In Intrinsic Manner”, “In Extrinsic Manner” and “In Conclusive Manner”. Published by UBS Publishers’ Distributors Pvt Ltd, New Delhi, the book 124-page book is priced at Rs. 150.
Mr. Bhutia has dedicated the book “for a Harmonious World”, and shares in his introduction, “Dreams begin without cessation. Dreams evolve without extinction. Dreams today had dreams yesterday and will have dreams tomorrow. There is no world without dreams. There is no life without dreams.”
He believes that “everyone dreams of complacency”, a process which “provides a strange sense of fulfilment that everyone likes to achieve in all the ways, happiness is the most cherished goal of human beings”. The collection of poems, he writes, seeks to inject optimism “to look ahead in life with lofty ideals and beautiful visions”.

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