Friday, June 17, 2011

IOC, Sikkim ups storage capacity to 21,000 Gas-cylinders

GANGTOK, 16 June: This monsoon, LPG consumers in the State can expect some relief as the LPG refilling plant at Majitar, Rangpo is now equipped with a capacity to store 21,000 cylinders at a time instead of the earlier 7,000.
 STCS Managing Director, S. Gyamptso Pulger, said, “Now the refilling plant has increased its storing capacity and is also arranging for buffer stocks. There should not be scarcity during monsoon.”
At present, according to Mr. Pulger, the supply is running normal as the refilling plant has almost cleared its backlog carried over from February to April.

“Though there some problems persist for the consumers of West and North districts because of the massive increase in the consumers there,” he said, informing that consumers in West district have now reached the 10,000 marks as compared to 6,000 till last year.
Similarly, North Sikkim now has around 5,000 consumers. This was earlier around 3,500 only. STCS is the only distributor for these districts and this increase as well as transportation hurdles have made it difficult to meet the demand smoothly, he informs.
Towards solutions, he said, “We have put up a proposal with the IOC to depute private distributor for both districts, so that the burden can be distributed and consumers benefitted.”
In this regard, Mr. Pulger claimed that the officials have given a positive signal and also mentioned that the IOC has already advertised seeking distributors for West district.
On the documental hindrances being faced by the consumers to transfer the Blue Book to their respective areas as per the directions of the Food & Civil Supplies Department, he informed that a high level meeting between the distributors, IOC and the Department is scheduled to be held on Friday and he was hopeful that the meeting will definitely work out some relaxations to the consumers.
At present, the formalities to transfer the connection, include issuance of Town Transfer Voucher [TTV] from earlier distributor with Blue Book and Subscription Voucher Receipt. Those consumers who had either lost or misplaced these documents should produce an Indemnity Bond [affidavit] duly signed by a Notarized authority.

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