Sunday, June 19, 2011

First Monsoon Rain In Gangtok

GANGTOK, 17 June: The South-West Monsoon finally set over Gangtok on 11 June and had enveloped the state by 14 June. It still took till Thursday, 16 June, for rain to come down with any substantial intensity and the drizzle has stayed since then. This year the monsoon reached Sikkim seven days late. The south-west monsoon entered India through Kerala on 01 June.
A massive low pressure formed over Bay of Bengal on 14 June and due to this deep depression near Kolkata there was a heavy rainfall over Kolkata and Sub-Himalayan West Bengal. This has caused flooding in Kolkata, brought heavier rainfall over the lower hills of Darjeeling district and brought down precipitation over Sikkim.
The deep depression is now moving west-north wards and the state is expected to receive a slight increase in the rainfall after 24 hours, informs the Gangtok Meteorological Centre In-charge, GN Raha.
Gangtok has been recording more than 90% relative humidity with 23 degree Celsius of maximum temperature and 16 degree Celsius of minimum temperature on average this month. This has kept the discomfort levels high and pleasant weather arrived only today after nearly a week of hot and humid conditions.
As per the Met office here, the average rainfall for the month of June is 591mm and this year Gangtok has already recorded 376 mm rainfall.
The persistent drizzle is what the fields, being prepared for paddy, require. Heavier downpour in short bursts cause more harm

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