Tuesday, June 21, 2011

9 Sikkim IPS Officers yet to file immovable property returns

Chennai, Jun 21 (PTI) Only 1,628 of the total 3,243 Indian Police Service officers in the country have filed details of their immovable property returns (IPR), as per the Home Ministry website.
Uttar Pradesh tops the list with 324 defaulters. The state has 335 of which only 11 officers have filed the immovable property returns (IPR) details, according to the website. Tamil Nadu is next with 195 defaulters (of the total 203 officers).
The third spot is occupied by Madhya Pradesh with 185 defaulters (of the total 214 officers). In Jharkhand, Kamal Nayan Chobey is the only officer of the total 98 officers to file the IPR.
On the positive side, Andhra Pradesh tops the list of the maximum number of officers to have filed the IPR. Of the total 185 officers, 180 officers have filed their returns.
The number of defaulters in the other states are Assam - 33 , Bihar - 145 , Chhattisgarh -10, Gujarat- 22, Haryana - 85, Himachal Pradesh - 16, Jammu and Kashmir - 29 (109), Karnataka - 45, Kerala -86, Maharashtra - 120, Manipur - 42, Nagaland -6, Orissa - 36, Punjab - 11, Rajasthan - 16, Sikkim - 9, Uttarakhand - 53 and West Bengal - 22.
The joint cadre of Arunachal Pradesh, Goa, Mizoram and Union Territories (AMGU cadre) has 37 defaulters.
According to the website, Tamil Nadu cadre has 203 officers and only eight have filed details of their immovable property returns.
The Home Ministry in a circular to all Chief Secretaries on May 5 had set a deadline of May 15 for the IPS officers to file details of their immovable property returns for the year 2010.
It had stated that it would "deny vigilance clearance and will not consider these officers for promotion," if they fail to submit their returns.

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