Monday, May 16, 2011

Tourists throng Sikkim to see unique rhododendron flowers

Barsey (Sikkim), May 15(ANI): With the onset of summer season, tourists are thronging Sikkim to see rhododendron flowers sanctuary situated in Barsey area of the state.

During March to May, various species of rhododendron flowers flourish in the sanctuary.

The locals believe that these flowers contribute in the natural beauty of the state and also help in promoting tourism in the region.

"I think tracking and others would contribute in promoting Sikkim tourism. As in Sikkim, there are many such places, which are very beautiful, which are very good for everything like rhododendron flowers, all are beautiful and they attract all the foreign tourists or even all the local tourists as well," said Rakesh Rai, a local.

The tourists also praised the scenic beauty of the sanctuary blessed with various species of rhododendron flowers.

"The demand of this flower is high. Its growth is also good. The season of these flowers attracts tourists in the valley," said Ashok Mukherjee, a tourist from West Bengal.

Sikkim is renowned as the treasure trove of the rhododendron flowers.

About 36 species of the flowers are found in the region, which is 72 percent of the total varieties available in the country.

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