Monday, May 16, 2011

Sikkim Government bans public protests @ Titanic Park of Gangtok,

Titanic Park of Gangtok
Gangtok,May 16- The Government authorities here have banned any kinds of demonstrations or public protests at Titanic Park of Gangtok,which has been slowly evolving as Sikkim's Jantar Mantar with many organizations using this space in Main Gangtok as a platform to voice their anger,concern or sympathy on a host of issues affecting the people in Sikkim.
Titanic park has been clubbed together with MGMarg where prohibition on holding procession is already on since 2005-06.the list of prohibited activities has been further expanded further for Titanic park and MGMarg area of Gangtok.' All kinds of processions,protests, rallies,dharnas, or demonstrations of any kinds are prohibited and banned on Titanic Park and MGMarg in public interests' states a government of Sikkim notification. It is an effective shut down on activities meant to attracts people's interests or attention ranging from local or international issues in social,political, religious , or cultural arena.
Titanic park of Gangtok as we all know is convenient address in heart of capital town of Sikkim to promote or spread awareness on subjects concerning people, being centrally located any demonstrations or rallies gathers immediate attention but also crowd out the space or traffic movement.
Some of the issues that attracted people to Titanic park in recent times included Murder of Madan Tamang, Karma pa issue, Japan earthquake, Anna Hazare Hunger strike against corruption ,etc. or AIDS awareness campaign.
However,recently the authorities have allotted the taxi stand near District Administrative Centre at sichey to hold dharnas and demonstrations.But as it pointed out,the site is off location and difficult to get your message across to people.

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