Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Sikkim CM prays at Sirdhi Sai temple of Namchi

Shri Shirdi Sai Baba Temple 'Assangthang' South Sikkim
GANGTOK: Chief Minister’s very ambitious and visionary programme of reaching the people of Sikkim from Village to Village kick started from his constituency after offering the prayers at newly built Sirdhi Sai temple at Asangthang Namchi.

The 36 days marathon tour of all four districts aims to reach the government at the doorsteps of the people and know about their problems and grievances if any.

On the first day of his tour he visited, Assangthang Village, Raika Gaon, Salghari, Chisopani, Nandu Gaon, Denchung, and finally concluded at Char dham, Solopphok at Namchi.

During this visit he was accompanied by the top beaurocrats of the government interacted with the people at all the places and personally asked and inquired about the problems faced by the people in these places. The Chief Minister was making person to person contact, interacting with them at all the places he visited. He also informed that this is the first time ever in India that such an innovative programme of bringing the government to know about the problems and grievances of the people and general public has come to their doorsteps. This is an example of “Practical Democracy” he said at Lower Salghari, South Sikkkim and added that “ had Abrahim Lincon been alive he would have been very happy.”
He also made some announcements during this visit like a new Block Development Center and Rural Marketing Center at Chisopani; construction of picnic spot at Samataar, school building for lower Nandu gaon school; lessen the tax on timber for bonafide use; capacity building measures; rural connectivity through roads and bridges; community and play grounds in those schools which are yet to have them and protection of landslides prone areas and agriculture and forestry activities in dry areas to ensure that the source of water does not dry.

During the tour Mr. Chamling gave patient hearings to the problems and grievances of the general public convincing the people about the various schemes and the programmes of the Government.

At upper Dorop, Posong gaon he congratulated the co-operative society for successfully implementing the construction of 3.5 kms of Salghari to Dhar gaon road. The construction work which has been allotted to 8 co-operative societies which has been implemented the project successfully at the cost of 3.5 crore.

Earlier in the day the Chief Minister was also felicitated by the Himalayan Crusade Penta Costal Church at Salghari

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