Monday, May 09, 2011

Radio Misty included in Limca Book of Records 2011 Edition

Radio Misty 94.3 FM, the first and Number one fm station of North Bengal has entered in the prestigious Limca Book of Records for being the only fm station in country to broadcast shows and music in most languages. This record has been included in Limca Book of Records 2011 Edition.

Radio Misty airs songs and show programmes in five languages Hindi, Bengali, Nepali, Bhojpuri and English. Radio Misty which is promoted by PCM Group has stations in Siliguri in West Bengal and Gangtok in Sikkim. In a path breaking innovation Radio Misty 94.3 FM started shows in this languages and this blend was well accepted by listeners’ making it’s the most popular fm station of this region. With its tag Line Gungunate Raho Radio Misty has made radio har pal ka sathi of the people. Radio Misty has the motto of Local People-Local Voice-Local station –Local choice.

Says Nishant Mittal, Chief Executive Officer, Radio Misty Radio Misty has been the epicenter of several innovative campaigns .we have made Radio Misty a truly listeners’ station where the target group of listenership is from 10 to 80 years.Listerners have full choice to decide on show and music content. Radio Misty received a record number of 38 thousand 168 letters last year. This shows the connect it has with listeners’. It has been wonderful and successful journey of Radio Misty since it was launched in 2007.Radio Misty started with the intention of giving listeners the best innovative content with local feel.Radio Misty have won many awards for its innovative content. He added this entry in Limca Book of Records has given us the strength to be more innovative and give a new look to shows.

Radio Misty have brought back the magic of Radio in this region to create a charisma again enticing enough to make people switch on their radio sets to hear shows and eager to be a part of the journey.

The Limca Book of Records, since its first edition in 1990, is aimed at showcasing India at her Best before the world community, and reviving the spirit of excellence and pride among Indians

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