Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Pawan Hans Helicopter service in Sikkim likely to be resumed soon

Gangtok: A meeting was held on 10th May at Helipad between Pawan Hans Helicopter Limited, Sikkim Tourism Development Corporation, Fire and Special branch regarding safety measures. In the meeting Operation Manager of Sikkim Tourism Development Corporation (STDC) Tejpal Pradhan and base operation manager of Pawan Hans Helicopter Limited Subojit Roy participated.
Speaking to Media Mr. Pradhan informed that Pawan Hans Helicopter operation may be resumed within two days in Sikkim. In the meeting they discussed preventive and safety measures as few days back Pawan Hans helicopter crashed in Arunachal Pradesh killing Chief Minister Dorjee Khandu of Arunachal Pradesh. He further informed that during the meeting they had also discussed maintenance of Helicopter in every 100 hours of flying. The helicopter is maintained as per the maintenance programme recommended by its manufacturer and approved by regulatory authority. All maintenance checks like daily inspection, 50 hours inspection and 100 hours inspection were carried out as per the stipulated programme by trained and qualified engineer, it is informed.
The Pawan Hans Helicopters Limited has been serving in Sikkim for more than 12 years and yet has not recorded any accident. The company has operated from nearly all existing helipads of Sikkim and has also touched virgin grounds. All these years company has done innumerous casualty and emergency evacuations and it has completed nearly 6000 hours of flying and carried nearly forty thousand passengers throughout these years.
The helicopter is fitted with latest emergency locator (ELT) operating on twin frequencies 243.0 MHZ and 406 MHZ .ELT transmits signal on heavy impact which can be picked by ISRO satellite and any over flying aircraft. This equipment is basically to locate helicopter incase of mishap

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