Sunday, May 01, 2011

NBU students visit Sikkim brewery on their training excursion

Gangtok: As part of their summer industrial training, 16 final semester MSc. students of the Microbiology Department of North Bengal University visited Sikkim Breweries Limited, Bagey Khola, Rangpo, on April 29. They were accompanied by lecturers Payal Sarkar and SP Shah.
The visitors were provided a guided tour of the brewery by the engineers and senior microbiologists Sarad Chandra Singh and Makaran Kulkarni of Sikkim Breweries Limited. They were given detailed information about the entire manufacturing process, starting from brewing, fermentation, to the filtration process.
The group was also shown the process of bottling, filling, pasteurizing, labeling and packaging of beer till final dispatch for marketing.
To have an understanding about the entire working of a brewery, the students also visited the quality control department and were given an audio-visual presentation of the entire manufacturing process. An interactive discussion between the students and the Sikkim Breweries officials rounded off the visit.
The NBU lecturers and the microbiology students expressed their gratitude for the tour of Sikkim Breweries Limited and the hospitality provided by the company for their one-day training excursion.

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