Tuesday, May 31, 2011

M.J.Akbar Speaks at Sikkim University Second Spring Lecture

Gangtok: 30th May:‘Due to the economic discrepancy existing in the nation, the terrorism group has been tremendously flourishing and the people of the nation has to take necessary, positive step in stopping terrorism so that our nation moves towards achieving better future in the long run’ were the opening words, addressed by Editorial Director, India Today Mr. MJ Akbar during the second spring lecture organized by Sikkim University at Chintan Bhawan on 30th May.
Furthermore Mr. Akbar speaking on a specific topic “The Idea of a Modern India” who is also the resource person of the program mainly focused on the economic development of the nation in preventing terrorism and development of nation as a whole.

Adding further Mr. Akbar spoke on the socio, economic and political relation between India and Pakistan before the division took place and emphasized on the secularism that prevails in our nation making India a unique country in the globe and even urged the gathering that citizen’s thoughts needs to be positive and independent for development of the nation as a whole.
India, our nation is progressing on a daily basis but the disparities and discrimination that exists amongst the people in every walks of life is not allowing them to prosper and lead a sustainable livelihood which eventually is increasing riots, terrors and all illegal measures which needs to be addressed and looked upon seriously said Mr. Akbar.
During his presentation Mr. Akbar stressed on the political scenario prevailing in the South East Asia and added that the cast communism persisting amongst Muslim, Hindu community is hampering the people at large, but for the fostering of any nation such castiesm must be erased. Mr. Akbar appreciated on the oral history programme of Sikkim University to preserve the history, tradition and heritage. Adding further Mr. Akbar said that the oral history programme will help the up coming generation to know about their history in the long run.
During the programme, Mr. Pal suggested that the Vice Chancellor, SU to include some programmes on the important historical events is to help the students to know the history of their nation.
Earlier Prof. Lama in his address stated that the main purpose of conducting such lectures is to provide opportunity to the students and people to listen from the experts and eminent figures on the particular issues. Prof. Lama also mentioned that the other purpose is to provide inter-disciplinary events in the university and also to build up confidence amongst the students, deep knowledge and to be informed locally, nationally and globally when they to leave the university. Prof. Lama further added that the theme of the lecture is very essential where the youth and the nation are looking forward on the issue at present.
Furthermore an interactive session even took place where numerous participants placed their queries, which were also addressed by Mr. Akbar and other eminent resource persons present during the program.
The second spring lecture first session was chaired by Ex- Member of parliament and planning commission Mr. Som Pal where as the second session was conducted under the chairpersonship of Professor CD Wadhwa, former president, Center for Policy Research.


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