Friday, May 20, 2011

Message of Chief Minister Dr. Pawan Chamling on 17th Anniversary of SDF Government

My dear fellow citizens,
At the outset let me convey my sincere and heartfelt greetings to all of you on the 17th Anniversary of the formation of our Government. The overwhelming mandate and the confidence reposed on us by you make us strive and work hard to fulfil the aspirations and hope of every single Sikkimese.
When the Sikkim Democratic Front party secured the mandate of the people in 1994, Sikkim was reeling under uncertain political atmosphere and the State economy was in the doldrums. But the collective voice of the Sikkimese people and our efforts made us rise from such difficult circumstances and take the State forward towards the path of development.
We have started this term in office with specific goals and missions. The Government has decided to work in a mission –mode and several Missions, to be completed by 2015 have been declared for the welfare of the people. We have embarked upon ambitious Missions such as the Poverty Free Mission, 2013, which will be the first of its kind in the country. Other important Missions include the Total Literacy, Organic State, Healthy Sikkim, Social Security, Co-operative, Self-Reliant, Green Missions, etc, all of which have been targeted towards self-sufficiency and self-reliance. It has become our imperative goal to make every Sikkimese self-reliant instead of dependent and producers instead of consumers.
Right from the time we first came to power in 1994, the Sikkim Democratic Front Government has upheld the policies of pro-poor and pro-people. People –centric Government has been our mantra from the very beginning and we are still committed to this approach. Recently, the Government has set forth tasks for every Department to be completed within 100 days, i.e 15th July,2011.Such goals have been put in place for not only providing services to the people of Sikkim but also to ensure quality and timely services to them.
I have always firmly believed that the Government mandated by the people should always be accessible to them. My decision to undertake a complete road trip of Sikkim emanates from my promise to the citizens to bring the “Government to the doorsteps of the people”. The 36 days’ long tour of the State would make us familiar with the ground realities and bring the Government machinery in direct contact with the common man. I am very confident that such personal interaction with the public at large will go a long way in improving our delivery mechanism.
Lastly, I once again thank all the people of Sikkim for supporting us for the last 17 years and I appeal to each and every one of you to come forward and work hand in hand with the Government for taking our State to greater heights!

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