Saturday, May 07, 2011

Denzong Albrew Pvt. Ltd. of Sikkim launches Kingfisher Beer

Gangtok: Denzong Albrew Pvt. Ltd. of Sikkim has started production of Kingfisher Beer in Technical Collaboration with United Breweries Ltd. a flagship company of Dr. Vijay Mallya.
Mr. Kalyan Ganguly, President and Managing Director of United Brewery along with Mr. Cedric Vaz- Executive Vice President- Manufacturing & Mr. Gourishankar, Divisional President (East) visited the plants situated at Darpaney, Mulukhey, Rongli Road, Rhenock, East Sikkim has started on 05.05.2011. Mr. Ganguly highly appreciated the unit located in such a scenic area. The brewery shall expand its capacity of 150000 HL to 300000 HL per annum to cater the growing market of United Breweries Ltd. in the Northeast States, West Bengal and Bhutan.
Impressed by high potential of tourism in Sikkim and plant scenic location and its high tech technology Mr. Ganguly has planned to have the unit as a tourist destination, where tourist will be taken around the plant and process of beer making explained to them with beer testing like many plants in European countries in consultation with Government of Sikkim, further Kingfisher airlines will also include the same in its magazines and other ad materials to boost Sikkim Tourism. The plant is located near Aritar which is famous tourist spot in East Sikkim. The plant will also start selling draught beer in Sikkim market.
The unit is state of art modern brewery with fully automated processing plant and one of the best in-house laboratory facilities in the country. The plant was set up by Denzong Albrew Pvt. Ltd. in consultation with United Breweries Ltd. and the process plant has been manufactured and supplied by Praj Industries Ltd. Pune on turnkey basis. The bottling plant is supplied by KHS India and utilities by Thermax, IMDC and Chicago Phuenumatic. The filtration plant has been imported from Della Toffola, Italy.
Mr. L.D. Bhargava, Ex. UB Project Head was overall incharge of the project. The unit is giving boast to local employment and rendering technical training in UB’s breweries.The plant is schedule to be completed for inauguration in June 2011 as per Mr. Rishi Kumar Mittal, Director.

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