Saturday, May 21, 2011

The day 4 of the Sikkim CM Marathon StateTour

 GANGTOK: The fourth day of the 36 day marathon tour of the Chief Minister began with a visit to Maniram Singhithang GPU where while addressing the gathering the Chief Minister asked the gatering to be more precise and productive in their demands to the government instead of coming with petty requests.
He also informed that the development work in Sikkim has reached to such a level that if now people and government work in tandem, the dream of turning Sikkim into an eco-city state will be realised in no time.

Dr.Chamling also mentioned that without the support of the people his hands will be tight and the kind of work which he dreams to execute won’t be possible. The day which marked the second year completion of fourth term in office became more significant when the Chief Minister inaugurated the first ever MGNREGA Rajiv Gandhi Sewa Kendra at Tanjzi Bikmat GPU which comes under the umbrella of BAC Namthang. The Chief Minister also inaugurated the computer room in the same premises where Management Information System of MGNREGA will be available for general public which will give the access to all the information required under the scheme.

Mr. Chamling also visited Adult Learning Centre there and interacted with the students who are the older folks of the region. He was very encouraged to see that the number of old people are coming forward in the centre to learn which in turn has been a source of inspiration for learning and education which goes on to show that age can be no bar for learning. Addressing a huge gathering inthe Kendra he emphasised on having social demands rather than materialistic and indivisual ones. Mr. Chamling informed that the Happiness Index of the people which he hopes and aspires to give them can only be attained if people come up and rise above the personel and small requirements. He also added that the mindset of the people if changed to positive then the Happiness Index will rise automatically.

After that the Chief Minister on his way also inaugurated the newly built two storied school building of Rateypani High School. He emphasised on having quality of work and said that the infrastructure development which has taken place in Sikkim can only sustain if the general public take it as their own property. Addressing on the demand of the people with regard to the establisment of Indian Institute of Information Technology the Chief Minister said Rateypani will be considered on priority for establishment of such institution and necessary survey for acquiring the land shall be done.

The Sikkim Chief Minister Chamling also visited Government Junior High School, Kateng, Nagi Gonpa, Kaijaley and Sumin Khor on his days visit and interacted with the people

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