Saturday, April 23, 2011

Prashant Tamanag starr Angaalo Yo Mayako tobe screened in Tel Aviv, Israel

Gangtok: After a successful two-week run at Vajra Cinema Hall in Gangtok, Nepali feature film, Angaalo Yo Mayako, produced by Kishor Dungmali of Majhhitar, is ready for release at a multiplex. Mr. Dungmali informs that with AYMK’s release at Cinemax Sevin Plaza, Siliguri, on Friday, this Sikkim-made movie will become the first Nepali film to show at a multiplex in India.
Indian Idol Prashant Tamang, the lead actor of the movie, will also be present for the first show when AYMK debuts Nepali filmmaking to the multiplex circuit on Friday.
Mr. Dungmali is obviously elated and proud that his film is making this record. He is already on a high over the positive response the movie received in Gangtok.
“If our work is sincere and well organized, we can make a better movie and make a name for Sikkim in the filmmaking world,” he said.
He also plans to screen AYMK at more places in Sikkim like Singtam, Namchi and Rongli in the coming days.
A 2-week run at Vajra is a rare feat for a Nepali movie and this is perhaps the only time in a decade that a Nepali movie has had such a long run. Meanwhile, talks are underway to take the movie to Nepal after a couple of months and then travel abroad as well.
The film has received rave reviews in Kathmandu and is slated to screen in Tel Aviv, Israel, next month, Mr. Gurung informs.

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