Friday, April 30, 2010

Attendance Recording Machine to replace registers in Sikkim Govt.departments

Gangtok,April 30: The governments of Sikkim have begun introducing paper less technology in regard to attendance maintenance in every department. It has been learnt that a machine with a scanner was installed on a trial basis in the departments of Home and RMDD in the year 2008 and turned out to be a huge success . Inspired by the performance of these two departments, the government passed a circular to all the departments all over the state including every districts to be installed with similar machines so as to check the attendance. The technology known as the “Attendance Recording Machine” , has a scanner attached to it, every employee while entering and leaving the office for the day , has to punch the machine and register the attendance. The machine is installed with the scanner which reorganizes the finger print of the employee, and has a software in which the names and the bio- data of the employees are installed, but in case of taking leave the employee has to use paper to apply for application for approval. Similarly it is also learnt that every government employee in gazetted and non gazetted posts, including the peon are enrolled in the new attendance machine software. The secretary of the home department even punches the machine every day while entering and leaving the office.

In the year 2008 the cost of one machine was approximately Rs. 21,000, and the cost of software installed was Rs. 1000/- and the installation charges for the machine is about Rs. 5000/- per machine , and the capacity registered is about 1000 employee, similarly it was also learnt that the machine is being supplied by the State trading corporation of Sikkim (STCS). It can be said that the government is on the mission of providing maximum facility to the public by availing the officers in the offices as designated from 10 am till 4pm which is generally known as office hours so as to serve the commune genuinely in every respect in regard to development of the state to the utmost. According to the Under Secretary, Home department, Binu Gurung the circular of the same has been sent to all the department for prior installation including the district administration

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