Friday, November 13, 2009

Sikkim eager to protect the environment around the Himalayas, says Chamling

Gangtok,Nov13:  Sikkim government will always like to become a willing partner in the regional endeavour to protect the Himalayas, Chief Minister, Pawan Kumar Chamling has said.

Mr. Chamling made the commitment to noted environmentalist Sundarlal Bahuguna’s call to the countries and states located in the Himalayas to evolve a policy to protect the mountain range from the impact of global warming and climate change.

The state government has taken a series of measures to protect the environment since Sikkim Democratic Front came power in 1994, Mr. Chamling told Mr. Bahuguna in a meeting here on Thursday.

There was a ban on grazing of cattle, free distribution of LPG cylinders in rural areas to dissuade the people from using woods and forest resources for fuel and constitution of a commission to study the glaciers were some of those measures, he said.

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