Sunday, November 22, 2009

Manipur showcase its art and culture in Exhibition at Gangtok

Gangtok, Nov 21(ANI): An exhibition on cultural heritage of Manipur was recently held at Sikkim State Archives in Gangtok.

The exhibition, which commenced on November 16 and concluded on November 20, was organized by the Manipur State Museum Arts and Culture Department in collaboration with Sikkim Cultural Affair and Heritage Department.

It exhibited the cultural heritage of Manipur, including the ethnic tribes of the State from 33AD to the 18th century.

Y. Binita Devi, Assistant Curator of the Manipur State Museum in Imphal, said that the exhibition was aimed at bringing Manipur and Sikkim together by highlighting the cultural bonds.

“We have brought this exhibition to the scenic beauty of Sikkim to highlight the culture of Manipur. So, we can interact with the cultural heritage of Sikkim and Manipur, to bring integration, peace and harmony and also preserve the cultural heritage for the future,” Devi said.

The exhibits included Buddhist artifacts recovered from excavations, royal utensils, Meitei jewellery, tribal clan sword and ancient artworks and paintings.The exhibition was widely appreciated by the people of Sikkim.

“For the first time, such an exhibition has been held in Sikkim. It at least depicts Manipur’s culture and we also can have some idea about the culture and tradition of Manipur,” said Dilip Kumar, a local resident.

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