Friday, November 13, 2009

Environmentalist Bahugana calls for sustainable policy for Himalayas

GANGTOK, November 13: Noted environment activist and leader of the historic ‘Chipko’ movement of Uttarkhand, Sunderlal Bahugana has called for a sustainable policy for environment friendly development of the entire Himalayas.
Bahugana, who is an Padma Bibhushan awardee, said to media here at Press Club of Sikkim today that since the Himalayas are the only source of water for a large part of the country, their conservation is essential not for the hills only but also for the whole of the country. There should be a policy framework to sustain the Himalayas in the most natural way possible to ensure constant supply of oxygen and water for the very survival of the people inhabiting around the world’s highest mountain range spread over several thousand kms, he said.
Stressing on prioritizing solar, wind and bio-energy over mega hydel power projects for catering to the energy needs, Bahugana urged the journalists to create public opinion in favour of conservation of water sources in the hills and also for evolving such a development policy which ensures effective conservation of natural resources and scenic beauty of the hills while bringing prosperity to the people of the mountainous regions.
Uttarkhand legislature Kishore Upadhayay who is also the convernor of the movement led by Bahugana said that the team is on a mission to bring the MPs, MLAs and governments of all Himalayan States on a single platform to raise their voices. He said that a national level convention in this regard will soon be organized to highlight the issues.
The team called on Governor BP Singh today morning.

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