Sunday, November 22, 2009

Dr. Doma Bhutia Speaks On Human Rights and Rights of Women

GANGTOK, NOVEMBER 22: A two day long convention on Students for Human Rights and Rights of Women started here in the Capital from today which will be discussing several social, environmental and human rights related issues.
Organized by Human Rights Law Network (HRLN), Sikkim, students from several learning institutions along with the NGO representatives are participating in the workshop.
Dr. Doma Bhutia, the Legal consultant of HRLN, in her key note address said that the convention aims at engaging the new generation and young activists in the protection and promotion of Human Rights.
She said that student leaders and activists will further broaden the human rights movement by spreading progressive human rights jurisprudential ideas and be the torch bearers of the movement.
The first half of the convention had interesting discussions on the effects of globalization, liberalization and privatization during which the senior advocate from Mumbai High Court Gayatri Singh shared her expertise on the issue.
Ms Singh said that the exploitation of the workers and violation of the laws have become rampant in the name of globalization and privatization.
“The entry of the foreign multi national companies have ruined the economic stability the country which needs to be addressed more seriously,” she said.
Environmental activist Dawa Lepcha, speaking on the topic of land acquisition issues, said that land acquisition in Sikkim is not carried out according to the Land Acquisition Act. He added that 56 houses of Dzongu have been waiting for the rehabilitation facilities.
Mayalmit Lepcha of Affected citizen of Teesta on her part said many people in Dzongu lost their land in the name of development, because of proper knowledge of Land Acquisition Act.
Anand Sharma, an HRLN advocate from Himchal Pradesh, speaking elaborately on the topic of Land Acquisition Act 1894 said, the issue and disputes of land acquisition has been a major problem in India. He stressed on the point that the Land Acquisition Act should be made clear to the people by organizing various awareness camps.
The second half of the session witnessed a discussion on Right to Education, industrial disputes and labour protection, right to food and work and the implementation of NREGA in Sikkim. The speakers were Dr Doma Bhutia, Gyatri Singh, Anju Talukdar, Yasodha Rai and Rachhita Rai.
The issues such as criminal law, right to information act 2000, sexual harassment at work place, human trafficking are the key issues to be discussed on November 21.

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