Friday, November 27, 2009

Bhoj Raj starts campaign against Pawan Chamling from Namchi

Gangtok, November 27: Where is area MLA of Upper Burtuk? Whether he will turn-up in the foundation laid programme of Mahakhim on November 27 at Ranka… the people’s speculation will remain unanswered.

The reliable source said that P S Tamang’s whereabout is still a question mark and confirmed that he’ll not present in the said official programme of the foundation laid stone of Mahakhim, the religious temple of Rai community in Ranka Rai Goan, 15 kilometers away from Gangtok.
After long speculation of sitting MLA of Upper Burtuk, P S Tamang hibernation after the assembly election in May last, might have turn in an official programme in his area, will clearly shows that he is leading the dissidence within the party and its party culture.
It is said that the people who are chasing him have not found where he is?
The party sources said that on the eve of foundation stone laying at Ranka, chief minister will hand over all the political and other charges to the government Chief Whip Ugen Bhutia besides his home constituency Tumin-Lingee.
The common people and party supporters are opposing the party’s imposing candidates from outside the constituency saying that the imposed candidates has hamper the development and other socio-political development has been pushed in the back foot from last 10 years.
On the other side, the disgruntle leader Bhoj Raj Rai today campaigned openly in Namchi Bazaar for creation of alternative to ruling Sikkim Democratic Front (SDF) under the leadership of P S Tamang.
He had met founder members of the SDF party in Namchi and advocates to alternative political outfit in the state.
However, founder members of SDF, (whose name are not disclosed on their request) said that both the disgruntled leaders are in SDF party. Party has not taken any disciplinary actions against the duo, will remain the members of the SDF party has nothing wrong to talk openly with them.
(Via Himalayan Mirror)

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Anonymous said...

surely people are desperate for a change....but where does the real hero lie in the democratic country like india,where our state is being engulfed by self claimed reformist?where is the son of the soil,that has often been claimed by most of the politicians?it is time our politicians does really serious work and not do politics on the personal level of each is time for more vision and a better approach for a better tomorrow.