Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Bhoj Raj Rai unfurls protest flag against Sikkim Democratic Front

‘Sikkim People are desperately seeking an alternative’

GANGTOK, November 18: After making few subdued noises against the decisions of the State Government, party advisor and former legislature Bhoj Raj Rai today raised the dissatisfaction decibel to a scream slamming the ruling Sikkim Democratic Front (SDF) leadership on a host of issues notably on ‘Parivartan & Alternative’ plank.
The flags of revolt were unfurled by the SDF advisor at one of the SDF forts-MLA hostel, Sonam Gyatso Marg here at Gangtok-where he claimed that the Sikkimese Janta is ‘unsatisfied’ with the undemocratic activities of ruling front reaching ‘level of intolerance’.
“People of Sikkim are searching for an alternative”, said Mr. Rai to reporters at MLA hostel.
And the alternative is Upper Burtuk SDF legislature PS Golay, Mr. Rai said. He said that Mr. Golay will a political party desired by the Sikkimese people led by Golay will soon dawn in Sikkim.
The former legislature accused the SDF chief Pawan Chamling of trying to finish the political career of Mr. Golay. Efforts and conspiracies are still on to destabilize the popularity of Mr. Golay, he said.
When questioned on the objective of protesting against the Chief Minister from the MLA hostel, Mr. Rai asserted that he is least bothered about the consequences. “I am not afraid of anyone and I dare Chamling to expel me”, he said.
Mr. Rai’s show of confidence stems from his own claims that he is not the only one against the SDF leadership. There are many more like me and the numbers would come out in open in coming days, he said.
“When we come out in the field there will be an earthquake in Sikkim politics”, Mr. Rai said.
When questioned over his claims that ‘Sikkimese people are unsatisfied’ given the fact that it has been hardly six months since the Janta had given an absolute mandate silencing the Parivartan diatribe, Mr. Rai attributed the debacle to lack of quality Opposition and a ‘real alternative’.
“People were compelled to vote for SDF as there was no alternative to Chamling in the Assembly elections, asserted Mr. Rai. He maintained that though he has not given resignation from the ruling front, he has already left the party.
Mr. Rai claimed that Mr. Golay would be soon coming out among the masses in a new avatar. And by this time, the SDF party will have split in two halves, he claimed.
However, Mr. Rai refused to disclose the time period when Mr. Golay would come overboard.

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