Sunday, October 04, 2009

Sikkim Tourist complaints of being fleeced

GANGTOK, October 4: The State Tourism Secretary SBS Bhadauria today expressed concern over incidents of fleecing tourists on transportation cost while visiting different places in the State.
Mr. Bhadauria also informed that the department has been receiving several complaints from the visiting tourists of charging too much at hotels and taxis especially in the State Capital. This, the secretary said was also a matter of concern for tourists, who are at present making several complaints to the department.
According to source information, one of the hotels in the Capital has been booked for overcharging after getting a compliant from the tourists. Now the department is in the process of cancelling the license of that hotel, said the source.
Speaking to media, Amit Dey, a tourist from Kolkata said, despite going through the government approved rate boards, some of the drivers in Gangtok were charging more on the pretext of waiting charge.
In this context, the secretary said that the vehicle rates have already been fixed by Motor Vehicles Department which is to be displayed clearly in every tourist vehicle. At the same time, it is informed that drivers ferrying tourists seldom comply with the government approved rate board.
Mr. Bhadauria added that the department has made mandatory to issue cash receipts for all the service provided to any customers. “Anyone found violating the guidelines will be taken serious actions by the department,” the secretary added.

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