Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Sikkim for education policy reforms in state

Sikkim Education Minister N.K.Pradhan, Sikkim M.P. P.D.Rai, Sikkim Education Secretary Ravindra Telang, IAS announcing launch of "Educational Reform Renewal Mission-2010 " in an inter-active function held in Chintan Bhawan yesterday with Teachers, Heads of Schools, Retired  Govt. Officers,NGO's from all four districts of Sikkim.

Gangtok,October14: With the launching of the Education Reform Renewal Mission 2010 in a programme held today here at Chintan Bhawan, Sikkim has become the first State in India to start reformations in the education sector.

This, the department officials said, was taken up in view of the objective of the State Government in ushering in high quality education delivery system at every level.

On the occasion, workshop on education reformation was also organized by the State Human Resources and Development Department, which were attended by MP, Lok Sabha PD Rai as the chief guest. Also present were the HRDD Minister, NK Pradhan, Secretary, R Telang, Principals, teachers, retired teachers and representatives from NGOs from all over Sikkim.

“The mission aims in drafting a new education policy with high quality education deliverance that can be visible in the government schools of Sikkim changing the old bygone perception that existed in the sector and making such changes which can be felt by the students and guardians alike followed by the society in general,” the HRDD minister said in his inaugural address.

“The workshop will formulate the government’s new policy on education and will be completely with indigenous effort and collective ideas as to reformation and renewal of education of the state so as to improve and bring about reform in education as well,” Mr. Pradhan said.

Stating that the teaching profession in Sikkim has always been looked down by the people and does not want to join in this profession, the Minister said that the increase of the salary by the government have made good brains think twice to join in the profession. “We hope that best teachers will now available in the State,” he said adding that the teachers seeking transfers on deputation to any other department will be not entertained.

The workshop will also have participants discuss upon the methods of transforming the existing delivery by holding consultation at various levels of teachers, principals, parents and other stake holders, the Minister further said.

R Telang, the Secretary of the department said the workshop will discuss over the things that blocked the free process of education system of the state and bring about the changes along with new fresh ideas into consideration so as to bring quality in education in the state.

He said that the reform will be brought from administrative aspects to academic reform in the state with collective effort including from parents.

To look into issues faced by the children, Mr. Telang said discussion will be conducted at the District levels and sub division levels by way of forming committees.

“Soon after the meetings with the stake holders in every district, probably by the end of the year, there would be over a final policy drafting which is hopefully expected to be implemented from February 2010,” the secretary said.

Later, addressing a press conference, the State HRDD Minister said, issues such as drop outs, enrollment, and capacity building of the teachers would be few of the areas to be addressed upon.

On his part, MP Lok Sabha said the mission has been robustly designed keeping the local need in mind in which the views and the opinions of almost 3,000 stake holders from all across the state would be taken up. “This method would enhance the education system to run as how the people want,” he added.

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