Thursday, October 22, 2009

Sikkim CM visits Rangpo fire incident site

RANGPO, October 21: The Chief Minister Pawan Chamling visited the recent fire incident area on October 17 and assured the victims full support from the government like providing loan on subsidised rate if they want for the construction of their structure, that were gutted down.
On October 13, a major fire broke out at Rangpo, gutting five shops to ground.
Mr. Chamling met five fire victims including Sajjan Kr Agarwal, Satyanarayan Prasad, Swaminath Prasad, Rajendra Mangla, Satyananda Prasad and P Johabal and also assured to give loan on subsidised rate if they want loan to construct the structure.
On the same day, the State Commerce minister cum area MLA Niru Sewa also met with the fire victims at Rangpo and reassured to give full support from her side. She also provided 15 chairs and one water tank to Little Bell’s School and seven blankets to the fire victims of Rangpo

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