Thursday, October 15, 2009

Lack of transparency in HSRP

New Delhi, October 15 : Registration plate makers today alleged that some vendors selected by states are supplying high security number plates at an exorbitant price which may lead to a loss of Rs 4,850 to vehicle owners.

The government had in 2000-01 launched High Security Registration Plates to provide special number plates with laser numbering to all two wheelers and four wheelers.

Accordingly, the states had been asked to invite bids from the manufacturers of such number plates to provide their products.

"The selection of the HSRP manufacturer by the states has been done based on the whims and fancies of the respective state governments, alleged Ravi Somani, president of Association of Registration Plates Manufacturer of India.

Somani further added,"some of the states have selected vendors who were supplying them the product at Rs 1,816 per set for four wheelers while the same can be procured at Rs 440-460 without compromising on the quality,"he said.

"If calculated, all this will lead to a loss of Rs 4,850 crore to the vehicle owners across the country,"he said at a press conference here.

ARPMI, which represents the certified manufacturers of high security registration plates, said it will make a presentations before the government highlighting the need for uniformity and transparency in the selection criteria of manufacturers

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