Friday, October 09, 2009

CBSE Status of Mount Deepam School in Gangtok stir up hornet's nest

Gangtok,October09: Mount Deepam School in Church road, Gangtok was established in 1995 by Johny Kutty. C.J who is also the Principal of the school. The total strength of the school is 300 and has been claiming affiliation with C.B.S.C Board since 2000. The School has been running Standard IX & X for last 4 years although as per reports School isnot afiliated with CBSE as claimed.
The School has been charging a fee of Rs.1000/- instead CBSE recommended amount of Rs.350/-per month. The School requires atleast 1acre land area to be affiliated with CBSE which the rented premises of Mount Deepam School fails to meet the requisite criteria.The School Management has claimed to make arrangement with other schools to allow Standard IX&X students to appears in exams such as New Light School of Namchi and Greendale School of Gangtok.
The school has 12 teaching staff and 4 non-teaching staff. Active participation on extra curricular activities such as sports is the priority and its promotion among children.

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