Friday, September 25, 2009

Wai Wai Workers withdraw their strike after assurances from Management

Rangpo,September25: The workers and staff of CG Food Private Limited ,who have been making a series of the demands,called off their strike yesterday evening after a written assurance by the Management of Wai Wai Company.
To resolve,the pending labour issues,Comapany management held a meeting with members of the All Sikkim Democratic Labour Front (ASDLF) and members of the Worker's Union wherein they decided that staff OT rate will be implementated as per government policy,for which they requested workers to receive August2009 OT as well as asked labourers to give one month time to settle the case as per the Labour Act. The Management of WAIWAI also agree to provide free tea and biscuits to the labourers from October 2009 onwards.

Regarding the bonus,the local factory managemnt said it was difficult to implement directly without the notification of the concerned authorities.EPF slips to the individual workers is pending which will be issued immediately for year 2006-07 and status from 2007-08 will be updated within one month" the meeting concluded.The Management also informed of consideration of medical dispendary demand along with trained VMO.Management informed of enhancement of the wages from 85 to 100 and thereore inability to accept demand for Rs.7 increment to the workers who are working for the three years.

The meeting was attended by the SB Subedi,Vicepresident ASDLF,BM Ramudamu ,Acting President ASDLF,Hari prasad Chettri,ASDLF General Secretary along with other Members of executive body of the ASDLF.

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