Sunday, September 20, 2009

Singtam businessman knifed

Gangtok, September 19: Two youth of Rabongla, South Sikkim has been arrested by Singtam police in connection to a murderous attempt on a Singtam businessman.
The arrested duo was Santosh Mangar and Sonam Tamang.
It is informed that a businessman Sambu Singh and his mother Kamala Devi were sitting at their shop at Singtam when the above accused persons came to their shop.
When, Mr. Singh enquired about their business, it is alleged that the two persons jumped on him and attacked him with a knife. His mother was also attacked when she tried to save her son.
Both the injured persons are under treatment at Singtam district hospital while the alleged attackers have been arrested. The arrested persons are being questioned by Singtam police