Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Sikkim welcomes world tourist:TAAS president Lachungpa

World Tourism Day 2009 : tourism celebrating diversity

Gangtok, September 23 : Adding perspective to the role of globalization in balancing tourism influx and environmental and cultural sustainability, this year’s theme of World Tourism Day as “Tourism - Celebrating Diversity" aims to shed light on the most human side of the industry – its capacity to build understanding, foster social inclusion, and promote higher standards of living. The Day will commemorate on coming Sunday.
Increasing awareness on tourism and its role as an industrious movement and its undeniable prospective to generate employment, state income, and other benefits whether directly or indirectly in the economy of the state is pleasing, said Palzor Lachungpa, President Travel Agent Association of Sikkim (TASS).
The theme of the year is suitable for Sikkim in view of its Bio-diversity nature as big collection in small room, he added.
Government of Sikkim declared year 2010 as tourism year and we hope world tourist will be certainly magnetize by Sikkim’s peace and Bio-diversity nature, Lachungpa added. Sikkim is the most peaceful state in India as well as world tourism destination.
He denied some media reports on sinking flow of tourist in Sikkim following Chinese incursion reports appeared in media. As per his observation, decline of tourist flow is global phenomenon of this year. Clarifying the reports of media he said, ‘I am the resident of Lachung, North Sikkim close with China border. But I never seen any extra army movement and never heard any danger. Sikkim is very peaceful and we are ready to welcome world tourist as our family guest.’
Purpose of the World Tourism Day is to promote awareness among the international community of the importance of tourism and its social, cultural, political, and economic value.

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