Thursday, September 24, 2009


Gangtok,September24 : The department of health was preparing the new drug schedule for the state since three months as per the guidelines of the government. It was learnt earlier that the scheduled is prepared and have been sent for the approval form the government or the cabinet. As it as learnt recently that the state hospitals lacked sufficient medicine as pre the demand made on daily. In the similar regard while speaking to the Principal Director Health department Dr. RL Sharma said that the new schedule have been already prepared and the approval form the government/cabinet is also done and the same have been forwarded to the central medical store to implement and start procuring of drugs for the state form the companies referred. It was further learnt that the government this time will be procuring medicines directly form the companies preparing the best one as the companies even provides discounts too which will be utilized for the commune itself and the government wants the commune to have the best facilities in regards to medicine that to sufficient. Similarly in same regard Dr. Sharma said, that the quality medicines and other essential item of the medical will be procured directly form the companies and about 50 companies will be supplying and the number of items will even be more than 500. The central medical store will start procuring medicines any time as required. It was further leant that the medicines scheduled prepared is of best quality and quantity have even increased; now the doctors can prescribe the medicines and will be available in the hospitals, patient will not be required to buy form out side PD supposed after the new schedule functions. Similarly in the same instance it was further leant that the health department have recently computerized the Central medical store (CMS) and now similar will be installed in all the districts so as to refer the medicines availability or can say store keeping which will eventually benefit the store as will the hospitals sited all over the state in regard to view the availability of the needed medicines in the stores directly and prepare a demand as required

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