Saturday, September 05, 2009

Gangtok Dance teacher hit by MMS allegations

GANGTOK, September 4: After hitting unsuspecting women in other parts of the country, the technology driven MMS sex scandal has finally come overboard in the Himalayan State of Sikkim with one such clip doing rounds in Gangtok indicating the social degradation of society here which is already facing the challenges of drug abuse and HIV-AIDS.

Readers know about the voyeuristic attacks on women of other parts of the nation, mostly metros, but now the virus has spread to rapidly modernizing Gangtok as well.

Presently, an MMS is in spread in town here where the victim seems to have been betrayed by her boyfriend after some intimate moments were shot. The focus of the MMS viewers is on the girl which has led to some wild guesses on her identity.

One such wild guess which has gained considerable momentum is ruining the life of a 26 years old dance teacher residing at Development Area.

Tormented by unkind comments and stares within her village, the lady came forward to media today to highlight her problems triggered by the MMS clip which is steadily gaining regrettable social dimensions.

“Although I have not seen the clip, I want to state that I am not the girl and such rumours are damaging my life and my family,” said the victim pleading for such nonsense to be ended. “A great stain has been put in my life,” she said.

The victim’s mother and sister also came forward in her support. They expressed their anguish over the allegations made against the victim.

“Today I am a victim and I don’t want other women to face such situation in future”, said the victim pained by the MMS rumours.

It seems Gangtokians have a peculiar attachment with rumours. Readers know how the entire Gangtokians emptied themselves into the streets in fear of Valentine Day aftershock after such rumours spread.

More recently, the residents of the Capital were ready to sit on midnight vigil to watch the big tanks and artillery of the Indian Army passing along the highway. Rumours of impending Chinese aggression being the culprit here. Among all rumours, this particular MMS rumour should be concern for the society here as it shakes the edifice of the civil society of Sikkim and trigger fears about of not only losing morality but losing it in public view thanks to latest technology like camera-blue tooth mobile handsets.
And the culture of live-in relationships here in the Capital among the youth which leads to a genre of immoral practices is the powder keg the society of Sikkim is standing upon.