Thursday, September 24, 2009

Claims of Settlement agitates Cipla Sikkim workers

Gangtok,September24: The claims of peaceful settlement of ongoing disputes among the workers and management of Cipla by All Sikkim Democratic Labour Front (ASDLF), a pharmaceutical company based in Kumrek in East Sikkim today deepened more who are on strike for the past four days.
The 130 agitated workers of Cipla said that what has discussed between the management and ASDLF was not consulted with employees before taking any decision.
“We are neither consulted nor listened to our grievances by ASDLF leaders”, said agitated employees.
On Monday, the ASDLF members held a meeting with the management heads Ramesh Kumar, Cipla General Manger, Sudhir Kumar, HR Head and others in the presence of five labour heads. During the meeting, the labour heads demanded the management to fulfil the promises made in the appointment letter. Regarding the appointment letter, Ramesh Kumar had clarified that the company has been supporting the State Government’s Capacity Building Programme since two years and have also started giving training in Pharmaceutical unit.
While the agitated workers said that the management has not fulfilled their promises prior to the appointment made and instead of fulfilling the promises they have impose new regulation to workers.
The agitated workers have also formed a new workers association to fight for their rights according to Labour Act. The association has comprises of Rudra Kumar Subba, Jagat Bahadur Mangar, Kriti Gurung, Anil Pradhan and Nayan Labhar in the executive members supported by 130 workers, they claimed.
The executive body of workers said that they will not accept any compromises intermediated by ASDLF if they will not listen their grievances.
It is also alleged that Cipla management has lured innocence of workers and has asked to sign an agreement forcefully to agitated workers, they said.
It may be recalled that on the request of ASDLF member, Mr. Kumar personally came between the strikers and assured to look into the matter. He has said that the protesting staff members will be coming to work from tomorrow adding that discipline is most important to run a company and that the company will not be accepting ill discipline in future.
“If such type of matter is found in future then strict action may be taken,” the general manager said adding that the company believes in complete transparency. “More than 1300 workers are working under this company and 95 percent workers are local,” he further said.

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