Friday, September 18, 2009

ASESE&UA Congratulates Sikkim Police

Gangtok,September18: All Sikkim Educated Self Employed & Unemployed Association (ASESE&UA) has lauded the effort of Sikkim police of rescuing Sikkemese girls. In a release issued by ASESE&UA congratulated the Sikkim Police, who recently busted the human trafficking racket and rescued girls. Full credit goes to Sikkim Police, especially the team for whose alertness many girls future could be saved. We have seen a sudden rise in girls trafficking racket in Sikkim. The reason for this trafficking is many for e.g. lack of education, unemployment and also some times the rise in standard of living where young people trends to incline.
ASESE&UA demanded to take the matter seriously by state government and should fill the loop holes. Association suggested moral education at schools, all over Sikkim will help to build good soceity.
The association also highlighted on child labour problem in the state. They said," it has been almost three years since child labor has been banded all over India. But in Sikkim, it seems this law has not been properly implemented. We see lots of children below 14 years as domestic help and also doing school duty in different parts of Sikkim. Hence, we urge the Government to implement the child labor law in real sense and also come up with plan to look after and educated these under privileged children as they are also the future of our nation."