Thursday, August 13, 2009

SPCC wants SDF Govt to treat the people of Lachen in equal terms as any other Sikkimese

SDF condemns allegations, says it is a desperate attempt to tarnish its popularity
GANGTOK, August 12: Reacting over the recent memorandum submitted to the President of India by the people of Lachen about the “SDF Government’s discriminating the people of Lachen”, the Sikkim Pradesh Congress Committee (SPCC) has demanded the State Government to “realize its responsibility and act as a democratically established institution duly honouring the principle of democracy in both letter and spirit and treat the people of Lachen in equal terms as any other Sikkimese.”
A party release issued by Kunga Nima Lepcha, SPCC, general secretary (media and spokesperson) states that “SDF’s atrocities on the down-trodden Sikkimese have reached its Nadir, with the memorandum of the people of Lachen submitted to the President of India as an evidence.”
Referring to the memorandum submitted to the President of India, the release points out that the “SDF Government has been constantly discriminating the people of Lachen by depriving them from all kinds of developmental schemes.” The release further said that the people Lachen have to live a harsh life in hostile climatic condition which compels them to live like nomads.
“The oppressive and extreme discriminative attitude of the State Government coupled with the step-motherly treatment of the SDF Government executed through its Ministers, MLAs and the State Government officials has driven the Lachenpas to such an extreme that they have started questioning whether they belong to India, the country they have endeared so much as their own motherland and are ready to lay down their lives in her defense. They have represented to the President of India for establishing their citizenship.” reads the release.
The release further said that the “depressed Lachenpas have expressed their anguish on the economic deprivation unleashed on them by the autocratic SDF Government under the leadership of Pawan Chamling as its Chief Minister. They have prayed to the President for restoration of their democratic rights or else they should be permitted to go to Tibet/China in the event their citizenship is ascertained as Tibetan/Chinese. They have expressed that they could no longer tolerate to see their family members suffering from want of bare minimum necessities.”
“Sikkim is a part and parcel of the Union of India. As such the people living within the boundary of Sikkim including the Lachenpas are, without an iota of doubt the citizens of India. They are entitled to all the benefits of the developmental schemes or programs. Any act of discrimination towards the people of Sikkim shall go to violate the Fundamental Rights so guaranteed by the Constitution. Besides, even the provision of the Human Rights. Act, 1948 confers that every citizen on earth has the right to live a dignified life,” the release further read.
On the other hand, the SDF has today condemned all the allegations. Terming it as an attempt made by Kunga Nima Lepcha to defame the popularity of SDF Government, a party release states that the ruling SDF government has always been proactive in safeguarding the people of Sikkim irrespective of caste, creed, religion and topography.
The party has at the same time urged the people not to get carried away by such rumour. The ruling party has also said that the allegations were nothing but a desperate attempt of the SPCC to tarnish the image of SDF party after their shameful defeat in the recent general election