Thursday, August 13, 2009

SPCC allegation “totally baseless”, no discrimination by govt: SDF

Gangtok,August12: Sikkim Democratic Front has refuted and condemned a statement of Kunga Nima Lepcha, spokesperson of Sikkim Pradesh Congress Committee, reported in a local English daily on 12th August. The report quoting Mr. Lepcha says, the people of Lachen have submitted a memorandum to President of India alleging that the “SDF government is discriminating the people of Lachen and depriving them from development and other benefits”.
In a press release issued by SDF general secretary (publicity) T.N.Sharma, the allegation is summarily denied as “totally baseless”. The release says the SDF government since its inception has not done any injustice to any section of people for caste, community or religion. “For the SDF party and its leader Chief Minister Dr. Pawan Chamling, the of Lachen and other areas are all equal and they are getting equal benefits according to the democratic norms of the SDF government”, the release said. It added, “SDF party and its leadership remains ever committed to fulfill the needs, aspirations and dreams of the poor Sikkimese people without any discrimination, and Lachen people are not discriminated in any way whatsoever”.
In another SDF release, Mr. Sharma has stoutly contested the remarks of a columnist in a Nepali daily on August 11. It is remarked that “majority people of Sikkim are of the view that the “gap between rich and poor” in the State “is increasing”. Who are the majority people, on what basis such an opinion is made, the release asks.
In a rebuttal to another allegation of the columnist that “Parliamentary democracy has not yet taken roots” in Sikkim, the release asserts, as an integral part of democratic India, Constitutional guideline and rule of law are clinched by the SDF government since its inception. That the majority people of Sikkim have trust and confidence in the SDF government is evident from the fact the people elected SDF candidates for all the 32 Assembly seats in 2009 election, the release noted