Thursday, August 06, 2009

Sikkim debt stands at over Rs 1000 crores

Gangtok, August 5: Government of Sikkim has internal debt of Rs 908.86 crore as on March 31, 2008. This internal debt comprises market loans bearing interest of Rs.741.68 crore, loans from Life Insurance Company of India of Rs.80.76 crore and loans from other institutions comprising of Rs.86.42 crore.
The Report of the Comptroller and Auditor General, which was placed in state assembly on last July 30, said that the state government has loans and advances from central government was amounting of Rs.315.82 crore comprising that pre-1984-85 loans of Rs.3.84 crore, Non-Plan loan of Rs. 91.74 crore, loans from state Plan Schemes of Rs.196.47 crore, loans from Central and Centrally sponsored plans schemes of Rs.20.37 crore, and loans from special schemes of Rs.3.40 crore.
The liabilities of the state has gone upto the Rs.3808.32 crore at the end of financial year 2007-08 including the internal debt, loans and advances from central government and contingency fund of Rs.1.00 crore, small savings, Provident Funds of government employees of Rs.335.12 crore, deposits of Rs.34 crore, reserve funds of Rs.129.42 crore, remittance balances of Rs.102.98 crore. It includes surplus on government accounts Rs.1981.08 crore, CAG report said.
The sate government has fixed assets on gross capital outlay of Rs.3307.37 crore loans and advances of Rs.5.12 crore which includes other development loans, loans to government servants and miscellaneous loans, advances of Rs.1.03 crore, the Report said.