Friday, August 28, 2009

Rural Sikkim natives to promote pillow fighting

Kyonsa (Sikkim), Aug 27- ANI: The local residents of Kyonsa region in Sikkim gathered in huge numbers on Thursday to take part in an event to promote their age-old rural game of bamboo pole climbing and pillow fighting.

The locals shouted and cheered as the participants climbed bamboo poles and battered each other in pillow fights - reviving a practice that is slowly dying in the face of modern sports like soccer and volleyball.

Our main aim is to preserve this old system of sports. Nowadays, we mainly focus on sports like football, archery and volleyball but our aim is to keep this traditional style of sports alive in our rural areas and entertain the public on such an occasion, said Sonam Bhutia, General Secretary of Kyonsa Samaj Organizing Committee.

Sonam further said this was also a way of preserving their identity and by promoting this form of sport in the rural areas, the youth will learn more about their own traditions and not be swayed by modern sports such as football.

Such rural sports encourage us and bring out the best in the all the villages who come from different areas. Here people come and gather for an occasion like this one. In this way we can preserve our age old sports which our earlier generations have been playing from a very long time, said Anand Lepcha, a local.

The event was also marked by some spectacular dance performances.