Monday, August 03, 2009

Ankila's Paintings that speaks

Banyan Tree :Praised by the likes of legendary E. Alkazi, her works have consciously digressed from the idea of making a perfect picture frame. They evolve from a monastic discipline as practised in Buddhism. Imagination intensifies her perception of the nature transforming every object of her painting into a living being.

Prayer Flags :Originally from Sikkim, Anki grew up in the pristine lap of nature. It was when she moved to Delhi for higher studies that she really realised the richness and wisdom of her inheritance, something she had so far taken for granted. It is this realisation that is often reflected in her work.

This-Close-to-the-Flower : Her brush strokes have a gripping appeal and the canvas spaces are delegated into slots of colour, much like a prism held up to a light within. That she was born surrounded by the scintillating landscape of Rumtek in the Himalayas is no simple coincidence.

Yin & Yang : The textures arising from her tonal applications trace the journey of a pilgrim on the path to self-discovery, where every landmark by the wayside is ticked off with a hue of light and life, making the painting an interesting tracery, actualising one’s personal journey through life.

Stallion : In her entire series of work showcased in her collection Alchemy of Transformation, there isn’t a single human being. It’s a world of forms and colours that captures every species in nature, every aspect, mood and variation.

Abyss : To understand abstract art, says Anki, “You have to evolve yourself to a different level, a different dimension. Otherwise just admire it the way you admire the sound of silence.”

Algae on the Rocks : Life in every form excites her and so she tries to capture things that normally go unobserved. For her, a patch of algal bloom or a puddle of water is a living cosmos in itself deserving a painter’s discreet attention.

Anokhi :For Anki, it is essential to understand the behaviour of the paint. She says, 'It is so abstract! It's total romance...when you try to paint the flow of love in your veins, you can't expect someone to understand that straightaway.'

Bark-I :There is an elevation of art to a state where human experiences can be explored even if there aren't any human figures in the paintings.

Dawn to Dusk :The palette used is a vibrant imitation of nature, as seen in rocks, streams, sunshine, fires, forests and avian feathers.

Lineage :Use of acrylic brings a fluid treatment to the canvas, allowing for the transformation of colours so they merge into one another. An exploration of her fractured identity often finds expression in Anki's paintings.

Phosphorence :Anki is drawn to the transmutation of species as they survive through colour camouflage and other means.

Pink Passion :Now, the notion of the whole universe contained in a painting, or many universes together in vignettes occupies Anki's work.

Primordial Sound :Anki's vision unifies the sum of elements into one whole earth, encompassing the elements. The perspective extends into infinity to embrace the past, present and future, sensing the rhythm that moves the whole universe.

Shooting Star :Anki's vision is born from meditation, from a mind that dares to imagine that 'within yourself is the whole universe'.

The Source :Anki focuses on expressing the interior landscape and goes beyond the tactile sensations of art. This, for her, can be understood only through the abstractions of the image.

Behind every successful painting: Anki’s Sikkimese roots have imparted all her work with a distinctive meditative quality. Radiating her characteristic childlike innocence Anki says that through her journey across the nation, she remains the girl from the farm back in Sikkim. Well, this talented girl from Sikkim is also the Director of Karma Lakelands, a company developing responsible communities, and just concluded a very successful exhibition of her paintings at Delhi’s Triveni Kala Sangam.
The abstract works of artist Anki Khurana speak in a vocabulary of the inner being within all of us. Visually, they suggest vast expanses and spiritual dimensions expressed through a frenzied riot of colours. We bring to you an exclusive look at the collection of works by Anki Khurana, titled The Alchemy of Transformation.