Sunday, December 30, 2007


We will launch a political movement to preserve the distinct identity of Sikkim”
Gangtok,December 29: Come year 2008 and the State will witness yet another party staking its claim in the political arena.
A new party, to be formed by “like-minded people of Sikkim with new faces and clean image,” is ready for its political debut, disclosed journalist, political activist and Chairman, Organisation of Sikkimese Unity (OSU) Jigme N. Kazi, here today.
Talking with the media here today, Mr. Kazi said that the name of the party and members will be declared within a month.
He, however, disclosed that the symbol of the party would be the wheel of life with three stars at its base. The three stars will signify the three ethnic communities of Sikkim – Lepcha, Bhutia and Nepali, he said.
“The present political situation in Sikkim where activities of politicians and political parties are basically motivated by self-interest, offer very little hope for a secure and stable future for Sikkim and the Sikkimese people, consisting of bonafide Sikkimese belonging to the three ethnic communities, the old business community and the other living in the State for a long time, so that the new party is needed, Mr. Kazi told the media.
He further said, “If we look around, the political parties are not for long term interest for the people, but their only motive is to come to power. Now it is time to unite together like-minded people of Sikkim with clean image, clear vision and total commitment for a common cause, for the political and economic empowerment of the State and also to form the foundation for the bright future of Sikkim,” he said.
Saying that the party will rope in only new faces, he added, “The Sikkimese people now want new faces as they are fed up with the current lot of leaders. Therefore, as far possible we will bring new faces in this party. However, as the party gains popularity and if more people want to join in, we cannot stop them from doing so,” he said.
An enthusiastic and optimistic Mr. Kazi was in smiles when he said this: “We will set up a political system that will have solid foundation so that it will last and work for the people for at least eight generations. We will setup the party in such a way that we will go to the people instead of people coming to us. We will launch a political movement to preserve the distinct identity of Sikkim within the Union so that Sikkim will forever be for the Sikkimese.”
“The party will contest in the next assembly election and try to form the government.” he revealed.
Answering to the queries of his involvement in the recently revived Rising Star (Jhulkey Ghaam) party he replied, “I was not in Jhulkey Gham but was only supporting Ram Chandra Poudyal to revive the party.”
According to Mr. Kazi, they will be working at the grass root level with their strategy as soon as the name of the party is formally declared, for which they have solicited support and good wishes from the people