Wednesday, October 17, 2007


GANGTOK, October 15: The Tripureshwar Shivalaya Tintek Mandir Committee has strongly condemned the recent news items published in newspapers on the incident of the prohibition of Schedule Caste in Tintek Mandir.
Terming the allegation leveled against the committee as baseless, biased and fabricated, the committee members in a recently issued press release has clarified that it has neither prohibited the Scheduled Caste to enter into the Mandir nor followed any caste discrimination.
The release also states that the Mandir was closed during that period owing to some unavoidable circumstances for every one and not necessarily for the SCs. According to the release, the committee contends that the main motive of closure of the temple was projected in a different way by the press and the media emphasizing on only one side of the story.
“The Mandir has been always kept aloof from any acts of communalism or racism,” reads the release.
At the same time, the committee has announced that “the temple was and shall be opened for any community to offer prayers.” The committee has also requested the people not follow such things which encourages racial and caste discrimination.