Friday, October 05, 2007

SDF:No intimidation of opposition political activists

Gangtok,October4: The SDF party in a press release has categorically denied charges levelled against it by a number of Opposition parties such as SPCC,BJP,SHRP that Sikkim Democratic Front party is trying to tilt the electoral playing field in its favor in the run-up to Panchayat elections scheduled for October 26 by launching power play of threats, harassment and abuse.SDF party has denied that they are attempting to subvert the elections in their favor by threats.

Sikkim Democratic Front has always believed in good and value based politics and fair play. It has never indulged in harassment, torture and intimidation of opposition political activists as alleged by Opposition who are merely trying to confuse people before elections with issues that does not exists to drive some political mileage in the ensuing Panchayat elections. Opposition parties have no agenda or programme before the people and they are just launching a campaign of misinformation and fear and confusion to disturb people's mindset but to little success as people of Sikkim have understood the game plan of opposition parties who are issuing these statement or allegations against Sikkim Democratic Front party ,it explains.