Wednesday, October 17, 2007

SDF Party condemns CPM leader Nilotpal Basu’s remark in Sikkim on Dzongu

Gangtok,17 October :Communist Party of India (Marxist) central secretariat leader, Mr. Nilotpal Basu and CPM MP from Darjeeling, Mr. Saman Pathak, speaking in a CPM organized meeting in BL House here on Sunday, remarked that the Sikkim Democratic Front (SDF) government move for hydropower project in Dzongu (North Sikkim) “ is destructive”. They pledged support to the ongoing protest to the government move by ACT, a forum in the name of “Affected Citizents of Teesta”.On Monday, Mr. Bhim Dahal, SDF general secretary (publicity), has “condemned” the remark, without naming the CPM leaders. Mr. Dahal has said in a press release, the CPM leaders by supporting an “anti-development” group and trying “to divert people’s attention to Sikkim from West Bengal and the massacre of farmers in Singur and Nandigram in the State by lathi and bullets “. Calling CPM “a party that changes colour”, the release questions the “ideology of the party in joining hands with BJP and SIBLAC in Sikkim”. The release adds, “Dzongu is on a development path. There is no fighting, lathi charge or firing”, as in Singur and Nandigram