Tuesday, October 09, 2007

SDF party ahead in Sikkim Panchayat polls

GANGTOK, Oct. 8: With 45 of its candidates winning uncontested so far and 640 others leading in the run up to the panchayat polls in the state, the ruling Sikkim Democratic Front has already started victory celebrations across the state. The panchayat polls, though, would be held on 26 October.According to the SDF sources, the party has won uncontested in 45 seats out of the total 889 seats. The SDF supporters have started celebrations in the rural areas."The current trend is a clear indication of our victory. However, the final celebrations would be held after the formal declaration of results," said Mr BB Gooroong, a senior SDF leader. "We are expecting a landslide victory in rural polls this year. The victory would help us to do even better in the Assembly polls to be held in 2009," Mr Gooroong, added.