Wednesday, October 31, 2007


Football fans upset, Idol fans happy with the double treat

GANGTOK, October 30: At a time when the football fever reigns supreme in the Capital, the tentative date set for the first ever live performance of Indian Idol 3 Prashant Tamang in the State has dampened the spirits of the football lovers.
Since the Paljor Stadium has been booked by the Sikkim Football Association till the finals slated for November 7 for the ongoing 29th edition of All India Governor’s Gold Cup, the association is perplexed whether they will have to stop the games if the date is finalised for a live musical programme at the same venue.
This annual football tournament is Sikkim’s most awaited annual extravaganza which draws huge crowds from every corner of the State, including the neighbouring Darjeeling Hills.
Given the overwhelming support Prashant received during his bid for the Indian Idol title, it was expected that he would first perform here in Sikkim, as a token of his appreciation.
The organizers for Prashant’s live show have tentatively fixed on November 5, clashing with the Gold Cup.
“If Prashant’s live concert is meant for his fans in Sikkim, then it should not disappoint many of the football lovers too who have eagerly waited to witness the annual football extravagance,” stated majority of the city dwellers.
However, as per the match fixture published by SFA, November 5 has been designated for one single match at the first semi-final stage which would definitely attract huge spectators.
“The early preparations for the concert will engage the stadium for the entire day from morning with regard to erecting a stage inside the playground along with preparations and designs of seating arrangements for the VIPs etc,” a group of locals present at the stadium voiced.
“It is not that we are not interested in watching Prashant perform live here in the Capital on November 5 but then we cannot compromise the football match with his singing,” added another football fan. He also said that the organizers should have taken such issues into consideration before keeping November 5 as the day for Prashant’s musical event. For him, the best day to watch Prashant sing some of the soulful songs of Kunal Ganjawala would have been during the Deepawali holidays, anytime from November 9-12.
On the other hand, the staunch supporters for Prashant stated that there is no harm in sacrificing one day of football for the much-awaited Indian Idol concert. They also opined that it is good that football and music should go hand in hand. After all, we did spend our money and our sweat to vote for him, didn’t we? So what better than to have our own Indian Idol performing for us together with the Gold Cup tournament? A double treat, certainly.